THE SERVICE IS WONDERFUL! The food is even better.

We saw all the great reviews about this place, and decided to try it. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderfully perfect this place is. THE SERVICE IS WONDERFUL! They are so nice, and helpful. The food is even better. We used to order PHUT every Thursday for family night. We will never ever do that again. 5th Street is our new pizza place forever!! The St. Louis style pizza is unique and delicious. The regular had tossed and regular thin crust are made differently and we are going to try that next. We had the pepperoni pizza rolls, I recommend these, as well as the cheesy garlic bread. The marinara sauce is homemade! Not some processed cup of commercial junk. If I had to describe the difference between St. Louis style and regular pizza, I’d say St. Louis is a creamier cheese, than just straight up mozzarella. I know we just had it last night, but I am going to see if I can get my hubby to let us go back again tonight!!! YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE… PS. THEY DELIVER TOO!!!!!