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Imelda R.

Best Pizza Ever! We usually eat pizza hut or Costco pizza when having a pizza craving but we decided to try this one day we went to go pick up some food at Petco. BEST DECISION EVER! Their garlic cheese sticks are AMAZING!!! THEIR PIZZA IS amazing! we got the Big Kahuna and the Alfredo St. Louis style and OMG it was to die for. We thought we ordered too much but when I got home, being 8 months pregnant, I finished the rest! my husband was upset I didn’t save him some! what can I say? It was soooo good! the ingredients are fresh and the atmosphere is super chill. Its a perfect family pizza night place for us to go and spend time as a family and you get a lot of food for not so much money! I would def recommend. The owner is so sweet and nice, he greeted us and talked to us about our pizza experience, he is truly invested in his business and it shows in the quality of the pizza! Best place ever!

Shawn L.

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Allen! The owner and staff are all very friendly and the food and service are top notch. My family has been patronizing this great establishment after moving from the Midwest in 2013. Being a transplant from the St. Louis area, this place is like a little slice of home!

Steve H.

This place rocks! If you like St Louis style pizza or have never had it, go to this place. If you like St Louis and are missing the local flavor, go to this place! If you like good pizza, even great pizza go to this place!! You will not be sorry. They even have a back room where you can have parties, they are also showing games on a huge screen. The owner is from St Louis and the restaurant has great charm.

Donita O.

If you are from St. Louis, like me, or have ever visited and had Imo’s Pizza, this is the place to be. I flippin love this place! There is so much to choose from that reminds me of St. Louis, that I have to get something different each visit. They have the wings, toasted cheesy garlic bread, and fried ravioli that you find at any St. Louis pizza restaurant, and much more. They even have ice cream. I haven’t been back to St. Louis since March, and whenever I have a taste for Imo’s, I drive here. It’s definitely worth the 15 mile drive. Love you guys! Oh, and the staff here is amazing!

Stacie L.

OMG…AMAZING!!!!! Moving to TX from NY, I thought NY had the market cornered on pizza. That is until I wanted in and the friendly and kind people at 5th Street Pizza explained about their specialty. St Louis Pizza. I was skeptical and ordered the 1/2 St Louis, Half NY Style. To my absolute delight the St Louis Pizza with Provel cheese is absolutely like a piece of heaven!!! My daughter and I in humor “fought” who would get the last St Louis piece. I now order Xtra large so that I will never be without this amazing, godsend gift to pizza “foodies”. OMG…I am obsessed! and the people who work here could not be nicer!!! I would give 10 stars if it were an option…DO NOT PASS THIS UP! To those who do not live close to this place….worth the trip…and my condolences that you are not blessed to have in your hometown!!! AMAZING!

Torrie W.

After finding 5th Street Pizza on Google, we called about 15 min until closing. The owner I believe, was unbelievably courteous and professional. When we arrived to pick it up, he spoke with my husband and daughter at length while our pizza baked. As he was closing up he even offered to walk the pizza out to us and shook my husband’s hand. Although the pizza is OUTSTANDING all on its own. The customer service is what always makes a lifelong customer. Amazing pizza, priceless customer service!

Christina M.

Awesome pizza place! BYOB and big screens for football. Delicious food. Pepperoni rolls are out of this world! Staff is super friendly and helpful.

Grant N.

5th Street Pizza is exactly what I have been looking for in the DFW area! Amazing St. Louis Style pizza (If you haven’t had it, it will change your world) and the staff is top notch!

Google User

We saw all the great reviews about this place, and decided to try it. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderfully perfect this place is. THE SERVICE IS WONDERFUL! They are so nice, and helpful. The food is even better. We used to order PHUT every Thursday for family night. We will never ever do that again. 5th Street is our new pizza place forever!! The St. Louis style pizza is unique and delicious. The regular had tossed and regular thin crust are made differently and we are going to try that next. We had the pepperoni pizza rolls, I recommend these, as well as the cheesy garlic bread. The marinara sauce is homemade! Not some processed cup of commercial junk. If I had to describe the difference between St. Louis style and regular pizza, I’d say St. Louis is a creamier cheese, than just straight up mozzarella. I know we just had it last night, but I am going to see if I can get my hubby to let us go back again tonight!!! YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE… PS. THEY DELIVER TOO!!!!!

Gene L.

Great lunch special. Wonderful ambiance and awesome NY style pizza! Staff is super friendly too!

Google User

The St. Louis-style pizza is very good, and they use real provel cheese. They also offer Toasted Ravioli’s and Gooey Butter Cake to complete the typical St. Louis menu. If you’ve never had St. Louis Pizza with provel cheese on unlevened crust, then you have to try this place!

Krista W.

I love 5th St. Pizza. I used to work close by there and get their lunch special and ever since then if I am looking for good quality food and not just the norm I go there. The employees are generally very nice and make a habit of getting to know their customers. The food tastes great and I have had no problems so far. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Definitely a great place to go when you want good quality pizza and great service!

Sallie B

This place is absolutely amazing! I used to live in McKinney and I would drive 5 minutes to Allen to eat the great pepperoni rolls. I never knew pepperoni rolls could be so good-seriously. I have since moved to West Frisco (20 minutes from 5th Street Pizza) and I still gladly make the drive to eat here. Jeff, the owner, is super cool and he knows everyone in my family by name. He even greets my 6 year old by name every time we come in. The food and atmosphere is awesome. Try this place and you will be hooked just like me!

Deb W.

As a pizza lover (I could happily eat pizza every day), I can honestly say this is some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. Crispy thin crust, quality toppings… just delicious. And the owner is super nice too. Love this local, non-chain pizza place!

Tony W.

Best pizza in DFW – hands down. St. Louis Style is LEGIT!!! Do yourself a favor and try this place. Awesome food. Incredible customer service. Cool, laid-back atmosphere. They hit the mark in every area.

Pepi W.

We love 5th Street Pizza! Family owned and everyone is really nice. Good for delivery and really fun to eat in the restaurant too!

Google User

Lived in STL all my life, Imos pizza was my favorite. It is one of the main things I miss about my home town. Found out about this place and thought, “ehh, why not”. It was incredible. Tasted exactly like Imos pizza. The just got a life customer. Now if only I could find a White Castle comparison.

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