Best Pizza Ever! We usually eat pizza hut or Costco pizza when having a pizza craving but we decided to try this one day we went to go pick up some food at Petco. BEST DECISION EVER! Their garlic cheese sticks are AMAZING!!! THEIR PIZZA IS amazing! we got the Big Kahuna and the Alfredo St. Louis style and OMG it was to die for. We thought we ordered too much but when I got home, being 8 months pregnant, I finished the rest! my husband was upset I didn’t save him some! what can I say? It was soooo good! the ingredients are fresh and the atmosphere is super chill. Its a perfect family pizza night place for us to go and spend time as a family and you get a lot of food for not so much money! I would def recommend. The owner is so sweet and nice, he greeted us and talked to us about our pizza experience, he is truly invested in his business and it shows in the quality of the pizza! Best place ever!